For some people changing or modifying the car wheels is done to beautify the exterior of the car or improve performance. However, did you know that there are some things you need to pay attention to when modifying wheels? One of the important things that must be considered when modifying wheels is the aspect ratio.

The smaller the tire aspect ratio, the thinner the tire will be, and vice versa. This applies if you increase the diameter of your wheels which causes the aspect ratio to be smaller. Of course, this will result in reduced driving comfort, shortening the lifespan of the legs, turning the steering wheel’s weight to heavy, until the gears wear out. Therefore, it is recommended to increase the wheels to a maximum of 2 inches from the factory standard size. In addition, you are advised to choose a quality alloy wheel by looking at the quality alloy wheels.

You are also not advised to arbitrarily replace PCD (Pitch Circle Diameter) because it can change the strength and angle of the tire geometry. Some cars even have their own standard wheel sizes. As an example in the type of city car, alloy ring usually ranges from 14-16 inches. Not much different, the sedan also has the same standard diameter range, but on the other hand this type of car can have a diameter of up to 18 inches, even 20 inches for the type of salon. Meanwhile, for this type of SUV the size of the car wheels can be added up to 3 inches from the original size. For that, if you still intend to change your wheels, it’s a good idea to keep in mind some reference standards that have been set. Visit a reliable alloy modification workshop and experts in the field.