In Indonesia, the lack of understanding of the difference between an ambulance and a hearse often appears. Even though both have the same transfer function, but the characteristics and specifications are very different. Next TUGASANDA.COM will briefly explain the difference between an ambulance car and a hearse.

In Western countries, hearses have significant differences with transport vehicles for sick people. Hearses generally take the color station station model. Vehicles called hearse are usually provided by funeral homes to transport coffins. Meanwhile, ambulances generally take the SUV, Van or Truck pickup models that are painted in bright colors or striking colors like red or yellow.

Differences such as those found in western countries are quite rare in Indonesia. The shape and model between the ambulance and the hearse are more or less the same. In fact, it is not uncommon for an ambulance to be ‘forced’ to transport a body. No wonder, the detention between an ambulance and a hearse is often exchanged.

According to Tonang Dwi Ardyanto, UNS Faculty of Medicine lecturer, using an ambulance to move the body was not right. Because as the ambulance feasibility standard is always filled with means of medical action based on the general level of ambulance for patients: basic (basic), transport, and complete (advance).

If the conditions are coercive, changing the function can be done. However, this certainly must begin with giving space by releasing all kinds of medical infrastructure that is not needed during the trip to take the body.