At first glance hearing bullet-proof cars, things that are imagined are war vehicles. However, actually bulletproof cars or vehicles are not only for police or military needs. However, the variant of the car was also produced by several car vendors which were then sold.

Of course, the buyers are not ordinary people. The bulletproof car market segment is a group that prioritizes safety, especially for those who have a threat or are threatened with life. Call it celebrities, politicians, or certain circles who have travel activities to places that are mysterious shooting locations.

Unlike most cars, which are generally made of mild steel combined with components such as, fiberglass, polyurethane, carbon fiber, or plastic materials on accessories, bulletproof cars are made with special materials. The steel used has a certain thickness that is much thicker than a car in general. The glass of the car was specially formulated, so it was able to withstand the attack of bullets and hand bombs.

In this world there are several brands of cars that have bullet resistant qualifications. The cars include the Knight XV Counquest, Dartz Prombron, BMW X5 Security, Mercedes-Benz M-Class Guard, Audi A8 L Security, Mercedes-Benz 600 Guard. Given the specifications and designation, bulletproof cars, of course, are not cheap. Price range if it reaches up to billions. This value is considered commensurate with the level of security offered by these cars.