Lately, the food truck business is on the rise and a lot of food vendors are engaged in picking up customers on the spot. Undeniably, a Hollywood film titled ‘Chef’ which was released in 2014 may have had a significant influence on this American-style food business.

If you pay attention in a number of big cities in Indonesia, maybe you are already familiar with finding a large car with a unique design like a kiosk. You can even see some people waiting in line or eating nearby. If true, then you might have seen a food truck.

The design of the food truck itself cannot be separated from the modification of the vehicle’s body. If you look, the design of an attractive food truck usually has a roof opening on one side. This opening place usually has an open kitchen concept and serves the order counter to the cashier.

This business is enough to get a big interest from a number of consumers. Prices set to make a food truck can depend on the type of modification and the vehicle model used. The bigger the vehicle, the greater the cost of modification. However, food truck business people consider this business to be quite prospective and effective in capturing customers. In fact, among them are able to make these vehicle installments every month.

If you are interested in a food truck business and want a reliable modification service for vehicle modification with a safe and standard design. Choose a modification workshop that is trusted and has many customers. Because of the success of automotive modification, depends on the experience and the value of trust that is owned by the modification workshop. (AS)