As a person who often struggles with automotive usage, it’s good to know some of the eligibility requirements that must be obeyed. This is intended to fulfill the minimum conditions of a vehicle to ensure driving safety and to prevent pollution of air pollution and noise pollution in its operation.

This regulation has even been stated in the Republic of Indonesia Law Number 22 Year 2009 concerning Road Traffic and Transportation (LLAJ Law). According to Article 48 paragraph (3), other requirements for the road as referred to in paragraph (1) are determined by the minimum performance of Motorized Vehicles measured at least consisting of:

  • Exhaust gas emissions;
  • Noise noise;
  • Main brake system efficiency;
  • Parking brake system efficiency;
  • Front wheel clasp;
  • Horn sound;
  • Transmission power and direction of the main light beam;
  • Turning radius;
  • Accuracy of speed indicator devices;
  • Wheel performance and tire conditions; and
  • Suitability of the engine power to the weight of the vehicle.

Clinging to the LLAJ Law, TUGASANDA as a modification service and vehicle body is very concerned about these points. Affairs of the arrangement of the exterior to the interior of the car should not be done carelessly. Moreover, if the vehicle will later be used to transport many passengers or emergency needs such as fire engines or ambulances.

For that, entrust your vehicle manufacturing to TUGASANDA. As a trusted industry, TUGASANDA is able to produce in the automotive field for commercial and non-commercial purposes. By choosing the right Carrosserie company, you have participated in reducing the risk of accidents and pollution that can be caused.