Color is believed to give a first impression to the car and the driver. It is said that the color of the car paint describes the personality of the owner. There are also those who mention the color of the car shows the status. No wonder choosing a favorite car paint color often takes more attention. Make it easy for you to determine the right color, here are tips on choosing the most durable car paint color.

Choosing a car paint color is not a matter of choosing a favorite color. The right color of the car paint determines the level of safety and maintenance costs. By choosing the most durable car paint color, the cost of paint polishing can be minimized. This also prevents the paint from becoming thin quickly because it is too often polished. In addition, the paint color also affects the level of concentration of other motorists.

White and bright colors are the main recommendations for those of you who are spinning choosing the right color of the car paint as well as lasting. Besides giving the impression of clean and luxurious, bright colors can also disguise stains and scratches. According to statistics, the bright color of the car can also reduce the accident rate by almost 50% compared to the dark color.

After determining the color of the paint, make sure to use the best type of car paint. There are several types of paint that are easy to find such as urethane paint, stoving, and lacquer. The three types of paint have different durability and prices. Stoving paint is the most expensive type but has a high level of hardness and is not easily scratched. Generally, painting using stoving is followed by the burning method using an oven so that it can only be done in a workshop – a large workshop