For automotive lovers, tinkering with cars is a preoccupation. Like an artist, automotive lovers like to be creative in their favorite vehicles. Not infrequently, the modified car looks completely different from the original ‘face’ when exiting the factory. Although it looks beautiful to the eye, sometimes modified cars cannot freely glide on the streets, because they are blocked by existing rules. So that you can still channel your creative hobby with your favorite vehicle, but the car can also continue on the road, you should recognize the following car modification rules.

In car modification, the rear view mirror must still be present and number two according to its function. Front and rear lights complete with turn signal both front and rear must also be present. No less important than the issue of car components, things that must be considered in car modification, namely the data on the motorbike in accordance with the vehicle registration, such as frame number, engine number, vehicle registration number, appropriate number plate and color. If you want to change the color of the car, you must re-register for the mutation.
Meanwhile, the legal umbrella for car modification is regulated in Article 52 paragraph (1) of Law No. 22 of 2009 juncto Article 123 paragraph (1) letter b juncto Article 131 letter (e) PP No 55/2012. Referring to the rule, what is meant by “Modification is a type change in the form of dimensions, engine, and carrying capacity.” So before, some things that must be considered in modifying a car. Make sure your car modification is in accordance with existing regulations so that the vehicle can still be on the road and show your creativity, but also do not violate the existing rules. (Y)