When you pay attention to the streets crowded with vehicles, have you ever thought about the first car in Indonesia? When tracing its historical footprint, the first car in Indonesia appeared in 1894 and is owned by Pakubuwono X, the King of Surakarta Hadiningrat Sunanate (Solo Palace). This car is a Mercedes-Benz Victory Phaeton type which is the first series of the world whose production has just been released 8 years earlier. This motorized-bus series is produced by Daimler-Motoren-Gesselschaft (DMG) which is the forerunner of the world’s giant automotive company to date.

In those days buying a car requires an indent process that takes a long time and can reach one year. Benz Phaeton has a special design of a car roof from a tarpaulin that suits the King’s desire to resemble a horse carriage.

With a one-cylinder engine and a fuel capacity of 2.0 liters, a car that has a power equivalent to five horsepower can carry up to 8 people. Interestingly this car is popularly known as the Setan Train because it looks like a carriage that can run without a horse.

Unfortunately this car never returned after being borrowed by the Dutch in 1924 for display at the AutoRai exhibition in Amsterdam. This was triggered by the defeat of the Dutch by Japan so that this historic car was forgotten. However, the car is now known to be in the Dutch Leidschendam Museum and has been attempted to return it by the Indonesian government and there are still no signs of returning to Indonesia. (AS)