The first president of the Republic of Indonesia (RI), Soekarno was known as the father of the Proclamator. As a person who had a big influence on the independence of Indonesia, Soekarno had many interesting sides to talk about. One of them is about cars to escort their service activities. Then, what kind of vehicle is used, TUGASANDA will invite you to carve the first car of the first president of the Republic of Indonesia.

One of the most famous cars is Buick Limited 8 or Buick-8. This 5,247 cc capacity car was made in the United States and was issued in 1939. As the first presidential car, this car was unique.

Unlike other presidential cars that were bought by the state, this car with a Rep-1 plate was found behind the Japanese Occupation Department’s office in 1945. Today, the office has become the office of the Directorate General of Sea Transportation, Jalan Merdeka Timur, Jakarta. This car was used by Soekarno in the period of maintaining independence 1945-1949.

Unlike the presidents thereafter, Soekarno often shifted official cars even up to 6 times. Besides Buick-8, the father of former president Megawati Soekarno Putri also had time to use several other cars to support her official trip. These cars include Cadillac 75, Mercedes-Benz 600, GAZ 13, Zil 111, Lincoln Cosmopolitan (cabrio limousine) and Chrysler Imperial. The historic vehicle is now stored in the Museum Joang 45 Menteng 31 Building, Jakarta. (y)