Speaking of war vehicles, Indonesia may be proud. Because the combat vehicles (ranpur) made in Indonesia nicknamed APS2 Anoa are now known to the world. However, this achievement is not without difficulties. The existence of war vehicles in Indonesia turned out to have a very long struggle with the war and conflict that struck the Mother Earth in the past. The following www.tugasanda.com will summarize the history of war vehicles in Indonesia.

Armored vehicles are actually only known in the country before the War of Independence. The technology of war vehicles itself was only introduced by the Japanese military during the Japanese occupation. At that time, the corners of the War of Independence began to be filled with personnel trucks, tanks and various kinds of jeeps. Combat vehicles owned by the Rakyar Security Army itself were the result of booty during the guerrilla period.

When the formation of the Indonesian National Army was established in 1947, Indonesia had a variety of war vehicles left by the Dutch. The types of war vehicles belonging to the TNI include Bren Carrier light personnel transport panser, armored reconnaissance Humber Scout Car Mk. 1-3, M3A1 Scout Car armored truck, M4A3 Sherman heavy tank and M3A3 lightweight tank Stuart. Do not miss the amphibious buildings such as the DUKW amphibious armored and modified M4A3 Sherman heavy tanks into amphibious tanks.

Until the early 2000s, Indonesia still had difficulty supplying military vehicles from Western countries, Russia, South Korea and South Africa. Spare parts embargoes often occur due to internal conflicts that occurred throughout the history of Indonesia. Starting from this difficulty, now most of Indonesia’s best war vehicles have been produced domestically. (HE)