The car of the president or head of state always takes attention. Not only because of its luxury, but also because of its many advantages compared to most cars. Likewise with the car keprisedenan President Joko Widodo. The president who started his political career as Mayor of Solo has a Pullman Guard Mercedes-Benz S600 ride to support his official activities. Here are the specifications of the RI 1 Jokowi era car.

The car, which was released in 2008, has a capable security system. The body is so strong because it is coated with European resistance level B6 / B7, which can withstand three M60, M14, or FAL-FN military rifles. Shots from small weapons like M16, and 357 Magnum will also be mental thanks to the robustness of the car’s body.

The RI 1 vehicle is also equipped with the protection of fragments that emerge from the explosion. Meanwhile, the car’s glass is polycarbonate-coated to protect passengers from shards and guard against things that hurt passengers. The excitement of RI 1’s ride did not arrive here.

This car uses Michelin PAX 245-700 R470 AC run-flat tires, which can keep the car going at speeds of 60km / h even though it is in a windless condition. The car that is equipped with a front and rear camera is also equipped with a heat-resistant front window, as well as an adjutable doorhold system used at all four doors. Regarding engine performance, the Pullman Guard’s Mercedes-Benz S600 is clearly fierce. This car can run up to 210 km / h with GVW 4,200 kg. (y)