Cars with rear wheel drive systems are known to have more advantages than the front wheel drive. Next review some of the advantages of a car with a rear wheel drive system.
A car with a rear wheel drive system has an engine that is aligned with the body and there is loose space. This is beneficial when there is damage, because the engine will be easier to lower. When maintenance is also easier because of its position, for example when washing. The time needed to lower the engine and maintain the car’s engine in the same direction is much shorter compared to the position of the car engine that is transverse like in a car with a front wheel drive or front wheel drive system.
Because the rear wheel drive system relies on the axle, the car has a strong transport capability. Engine power will be transferred to the rear — to the rear wheels to “push” the car, so that it can carry more weight even in uphill conditions. Not surprisingly, SUV and MPV type cars capable of loading many passengers apply this wheel drive system.
When invited to break through hollow or winding streets, the car with the rear wheel drive system is also more agile. Because the steering wheel will only aim to go left and right. Thus, the car is easier to maneuver with ease. Likewise when in incline conditions, this car is also easily controlled thanks to its ‘broken’ rotating radius as a result of not limiting the drive shaft in front. (y)
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