Diesel cars are generally found in industrial cars such as trucks or buses. Heavy vehicles in the industry are generally also diesel powered. Although the number of diesel cars is less on the Indonesian road than gasoline cars, but actually diesel cars have a myriad of advantages compared to gasoline cars. Tugasanda.com will invite you to know the advantages of diesel cars compared to gasoline cars.
Speaking of types of engines, cars in the world are generally divided into two, namely diesel engines and gasoline engines. Although lately began to develop solar powered cars and other renewable energy, but usually the world’s automotive companies develop car engines based on the two types above.
Judging from the engine, diesel is far more efficient than gasoline engines. Generally gasoline engines are only able to convert about 30 percent of gasoline energy to start the engine. Unlike the case with diesel cars that can convert solar energy into electricity by 40-50 percent. Not surprisingly, diesel car power is stronger than gasoline cars. Therefore, diesel cars are capable of traveling through difficult terrain, such as uphill, muddy, winding, even flooded.
Another one that makes diesel engines superior to gasoline engines is ‘economical’. The cheaper price of diesel fuel and the efficiency of diesel engines that are more energy efficient than diesel engines make vehicle owners able to save a lot of money for fuel needs.