Speaking of wheel drive systems in cars, there are two types, namely front and rear drive wheels. During this time there is debate among consumers about the advantages of the wheel drive system. Some assess the front drive wheel system is superior. However, there are also those who call the rear drive driving system more capable. Apart from these differences of opinion, Tugasanda.com will invite you to get to know the front and rear wheel drive systems of the car.

Front wheel drive system has the advantage of acceleration and comfort. However, this system has consequences in terms of load carrying capacity. Generally this type of drive system is used in sedan types. Not surprisingly, this system is widely applied in these types of cars, because of its ‘light’ usage. The carrying capacity of a sedan car is not much like an MPV or SUV or cars carrying goods, pick-ups, trucks etc.

Meanwhile, rear wheel drive or rear wheel drive systems have advantages in load carrying capacity. A car with this drive system has a axle. The existence of this axle is very influential on the ability of car transport.
In incline and charged conditions, cars with rear wheel drive systems are much stronger than the front drive system. The use of this wheel system has more wasteful waste of fuel. The reason is, the fuel must go through the wheels first, unlike the front wheel drive system that goes directly to the wheels.