When driving a four-wheeled vehicle, there are several things about the comfort that we need to pay attention to as the driver. Not only adjusting the distance of the seat with a pedal that is adjusted for comfort, the size of the steering wheel in general must also have a standard size.
The factory-sized steering wheel diameter is usually in accordance with the standard types of vehicle products. Each type of car produced by a particular factory has a different diameter. Generally the larger the vehicle body, the larger the steering wheel diameter.
Large and small-sized steering have their advantages and disadvantages. As in the large steering wheel, the force produced will tend to be lighter. But on the other hand, circular motion must be done more quickly because of the larger circumference factor. It’s different with a small diameter steering wheel. Even though it has a heavier rotation style, this steering wheel model is more space efficient and has a more relaxed turn when turning.
Generally some people change the steering wheel on the car, to enhance the interior layout of the cabin. For racers, steering wheel updates are very important to reinforce performance to look more sporty. Whatever the reason for changing the steering wheel from factory defaults, it should still pay attention to safety and security factors. This is because the steering wheel is a crucial element in a car. (US)
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