Lamp is a complete requirement that must be embedded in the type of vehicle, both on the front and rear. Its existence is so important to provide street lighting when the day is getting dark. For various reasons, some motorists seem to like doing touch modifications to this part.
Lamp replacement with what is generally done by users is in terms of color and emission power. Without realizing it, in fact it can disturb other road users, especially those from the opposite direction. Do not rule out the possibility, replacement of vehicle lights without regard to standards will result in accidents.
The rule of law regarding the light and reflector system is even stated in Government Regulation Number 55 of 2012 article 23. Violation of this matter can lead to fines and imprisonment depending on the type of rule that violates it. As a driver who is always struggling on the highway, of course you must pay attention to this for the sake of mutual safety and avoid the snares of law.
If you really want to modify the vehicle in the lamp section, of course you have to give the job to the experts. Not only do you understand the technical problems of lamp replacement, but you also have to know exactly about the standards in lamp replacement in accordance with the regulations set by the government. (US)
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