The tank was the first armored vehicle to launch during World War I. However, who would have thought the concept of “tanks” had actually existed more than 500 years ago. However, due to technological limitations, this type of war vehicle has never been developed until the discovery of the drive engine mechanism. Then, since when are tanks used as war vehicles? Search for the answer below!

Leonardo da Vinci was said to be the first person to ever think of an armored vehicle carrying a cannon. Even though it sounded amazing in those days, making “tanks” using 15th century technology was actually unrealistic because of its limited mobility. The iron-plated sword with a cannon had only been used once in a war led by Jan Žižka, a war general from the 15th century Czech. This war vehicle never appeared again in the history of war until the 20th century.

In 1916, Britain became the first allied country to launch an armored vehicle with a simple lane drive system to pass through trenches while deceiving enemies. The tank’s nickname itself was born from the efforts of the British army to hide its newest war vehicle by disguising it as a water tank. The first British tank, nicknamed the Mark I, was later developed until the 10th series.

Tanks from England then became a model for making armored vehicles in the next big war. Ahead of World War II, Germany created more complex combat vehicle technology based on tank catches from allied countries. The German tank, commonly called the German Panzer, is gradually becoming the forerunner of modern armored vehicles.