TUGASANDA DEFENSE (TAD) is a division of TUGASANDA GROUP engaged in the defense business. TAD launched its first product that is Turangga APC (Armored Personnel Carrier) 4×4, which is a tactical vehicle and defense with the level of technology International. Turangga built over chassia Ford F550 V8 engine 6.7 Turbo Diesel. Turangga is an armored vehicle with CEN B6 level and able to withstand 5:56 mm caliber weapon. By its first product launch through Indo Defense 2016, TAD able to break the defense of Indonesia and the Asian markets and in future will continue to expand the market area to almost all corners of the world.

TAD technology brings the application of International defense like UAE, Germany, UK, South Korea, Thailand, and others by TOT (Transfer of Technology) to the local Engineer in each product. TAD commit to supporting the world by making produk0produk defense that has high technology and cutting edge.