TAM (Tugasanda Manufacturing)

TUGASANDA MANUFACTURING (TAM) is one of TUGASANDA Division Group which became the origin of the establishment until it reaches its achievements today. Led by a strong competence COO in regulating the production and development, as well as follow updates Technology of Industrial Vehicles, TAM is capable of providing superior products and specialized been disseminated to a broad market share since the early 1980s to the present.

TAM has a composition of R & D and Engineering, which is very reliable, in addition to human resources is very creative and innovative, TAM has the latest installation of production machines to support the quality of its production. Thus TAM is division that does the whole process of production and assembling up to cover after sales service for its products. At the TAM main producing are passenger vehicle, ambulances, defense vehicles, special to tactical vehicle. In conclusion, TAM keep its commitment to achieve the production ,ine and improve technology continously.